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I call it... Irresponsible!

Okay. What can you see here? If you looked with your eyes, you'd see a damaged pipe in a parking area. If you looked with your mind, you'd see an idiot who doesn't know about height limits in parking areas which broke the pipe and shooted off with his vehicle.

Well, who would've thought of that now. Being irresponsible is just too normal right now.
However, I suggest that you take this few words into thought before thinking of anything stupid now.
"What goes around, comes back around" :p

This one's so familiar I suppose. C'mon la... It's beside the Shell at SS15. This could be called creative or artistic. But, I'd prefer calling it stupid. What would you call a person wearing swimwear to a funeral? You'd most probably not call em' anything... Coz', I suppose actions would speak louder than words ;p. Grafitti is a cool art... but people gotta know where they should practise em'. I suppose, they should at least get an apartment a…