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Bending rules perhaps?

Bending rules has been a part of me since a very very long time. I have been infamous for perhaps aeon's now. Perhaps it's a part of me.

Here's my personal opinion or shall I say quote about what special ones are for...

"Special ones are the ones who stand by you, see you through your troubles, forgive you, teach you, respect you and the decisions you make even if you're wrong and most of all, they'll never desert, abandon, forsake, leave nor quit on you." -Roshann-

As the saying goes... "A picture means a thousand words", I believe it is true at times. However, this time around, I'd like you to imagine the Apocalypse or the End Of The World. Some believe in the rise of the dead, but I find it very interesting. They are driven by the desire to only kill everyone left on Earth. In a way, we could say that they're much better that us the living. Most of us living are selfish. In other words, racists and sexists.

However, I believe some kind…