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Make a Difference.

Guess what? I bought my first book online. I suppose you could say it's also my first online transaction. Awesome huh? :D
1)The Tipping Point
2)See You At The Top
3)Road Less Traveled
Woohoo! Seriously, you guys reading this should buy books online.The delivery speed is awesome. I placed an order on Sunday and on Tuesday in the same week it's already here. Plus, the quality is excellent. All wrapped books. Another pro factor here is, you don't have to spend your own money. Just ask your parents for their credit cards and start buying. Haha :D. They can't say no if it's for a book, can they?

I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against him, he'll screw me every time, but if I follow him, we get along quite nicely. Well, I believe in hunches now. I should have trusted it long ago though. I thought I could predict. Still, I did manage pretty well when it came to some variables. My biggest mistake was to plan or shoul…

Shot and surviving.

Rare pic here :D You don't see the "Pyramid Animal" everyday you know. I'm on the left and Fariu's on the right. Btw, I'd like to apologize to all for not posting any new posts. Was busy. Another super rare pic here. Pyramid was on fire. It was a major screw up that day. Wasn't really that bad though. I mean, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 later that night. The movie was awesome. Captain Jack Sparrow is an awesome liar and his intuition is almost perfect. I look up to him for that alone. Had buffet at the Legend Hotel. Was great. Especially coz' they had chocolate cakes. I would like to stress again, CAKES. That picture was kinda random. I thought it was awesome though. The lonely moon I suppose. Lots of stuff has happened. I passed my 3rd Paper of my course. 4th one this coming Friday.