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Guess what? I bought my first book online. I suppose you could say it's also my first online transaction. Awesome huh? :D
1)The Tipping Point
2)See You At The Top
3)Road Less Traveled
Woohoo! Seriously, you guys reading this should buy books online. The delivery speed is awesome. I placed an order on Sunday and on Tuesday in the same week it's already here. Plus, the quality is excellent. All wrapped books. Another pro factor here is, you don't have to spend your own money. Just ask your parents for their credit cards and start buying. Haha :D. They can't say no if it's for a book, can they?

I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against him, he'll screw me every time, but if I follow him, we get along quite nicely. Well, I believe in hunches now. I should have trusted it long ago though. I thought I could predict. Still, I did manage pretty well when it came to some variables. My biggest mistake was to plan or should I say predict emotions. I thought it would work and kinda neglected my intuition for quite some time. Finally, it came up to me. That other person in me started to speak louder and I began to trust him. He's really great :D

Well, I did some good things this week. I got my sis back. It's really complicated and you do not have to understand. Haha. I finally managed to make peace and regain my title as her brother. I feel good about it, seriously. And, I've made peace with someone. That someone took me for who I am, and not for who I've been and I really appreciate it. Well, in the end, it's really what's happening now that really matters. What CAN BE done and not what SHOULD HAVE BEEN done. And by the way, her name's Yasho Smasho.

And, I'm getting my very own car by next month I suppose. Booked it in June and it's supposed to be here by August. It's an Iswara Aeroback. Plus it's black. I'm darn happy about it and can't wait to have it. Still, reality is always there. Most probably I'd have to fetch my lil' sis from school every day. Darn it! And, I'd have to go to the KLIA a lot next year for my mum.

Till next time then guys. Over and out.
P/s: Try listening to the song "The Kill" by 30 Seconds To Mars. It's great!
And to everyone out there, little things do make a big difference. Believe me.


Sakun said...


maybe i too should try buying books online.. :D

how olds ur sis dey?? Hope the arrival of the car doesnt automatically turn you into the family taxi driver! hahah

*just joking*

Roshann said...

my biological sis's name is yashinni.
she's 14.

the non biological one's 15.
why ask? :D

Sakun said...

just ask la...Lol.

san said...

hehe. black car huh? nice color!
eh fetch me oso la??
hahah jokin

san said...

eh ur bedsheet ar that one?
the one ur books are lying on.. haha so cute..

Roshann said...

haha. how'd you guess.
darn it. :D

san said...

hehe.. i spy on u ... u dunno?

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