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Dudes and girls out there, this is not just a random person. This person is me. And, most of ya'll would already know that I've been recently elected vice-president of my college's Student Council. I wanna thank everyone who has supported me along the way here. Couldn't have done it without ya. I appreciate it.

Just bought 3 more books online this week. The lucky ones are:
1) The Secret by Rhonda Bryne
2) Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbin
3) It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden

Well, I've been reading another book though. This one's a must have. I personally recommend this to everyone: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

The world moves in a very funny way. There's something called the 80-20 principle. It's really true actually. Did you know that 80% of all crimes are committed by 20% of criminals. 80% of all accidents are caused by 20% of motorists. Loads more of examples but I wouldn't wanna bore ya'll with em. Little things do make a really big difference. For example, reading a book could increase your self esteem and could eventually lead you to building a multinational company which provides millions of people with jobs.

Every thing's possible. Even impossible spells "I'm-possible" ;p . So, read books people!

Haha, this is a suggestion of mine for a car team. Weird huh? Blitzkrieg is originally a German word. It's English too. "Blitz" means lightning whereas "Krieg" means war. It means lighting war literally. However, the English definition is "a swift, sudden military offensive, usually by combined air and mobile land forces". Just getting my car and already thinking of a race team. Well, I call it being unique ;p.

Recently, I've been really busy managing soccer teams of my college. Sports carnival on the 25th of August and I gotta recruit, prepare and manage players. Again, allow me to stress the word "TEAMS". Thats plural, and it hurts. Weird thing is, I thought I couldn't get enough players and now I'm having too many of em'. Haha, wish me luck on that then =D .

Have a nice day ya'll. And by the way, read books people! It helps.


jota said...

... and pictures, do you like it?

Yuvha said...

HAHA, i so feel the pinch as i HATE reading. Will try =P

Anonymous said...

lalala =)) u raawk! go roosh! PS i waana borrow ur blog u eviil thiing!

san said...

aiks the comment i send nvr reach.. u nih kan.. dat day bought so many books edy.. now buy again? haha real book craze la u..

Roshann said...

well, i am kinda crazy when it comes to books.
p/s: forgot to mention this important fact...
20% of beer drinkers drink 80% of all beer. :P

SAKUN said...


sarah ann said...

muh bubu..im so proud of u just like i always thght of u..sowie i couldnt come again to college..will definately meet up soon..beerz on me..heheh

Anonymous said...

books..books..books...its just a specimen with fliping pages..ah...haha...i hate physics la..haiz..

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