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It's the Music that we choose.

Hola people. Here I am again. This week was superb. Lots of stuff. Firstly, we had a Street Soccer Tournament. Seriously, superbly awesome. I was like a managing organizer person. Managed all 7 teams from Stamford PJ and organized the event. We had like 15 teams in all. Haha, I was like the person that had to be the DJ for the day too. Here's a note to all future DJ's for soccer like events, make sure you have both this songs with you as it's over-frequently requested by players. The Cup Of Life by Ricky Martin and Return Of The Tres by Delinquent Habits. Music does play a very important role in an event. Not forgetting, I had to talk two teams out of fighting with one another. Then, we had the Sports Carnival. Superbly awesome too. The overall champions was my team of players. Haha, being manager is kinda fun at times. You just go around scolding and motivating people. And, when they win... you get the fame too. Still, it becomes a pain in the ass at times. Like when sudd…

Flavor of Life.

Most of you would already know that I'm a Hindu. In Malaysia, there are many atheists around surprisingly. I don't find it awkward though. Well, religion or no religion, it still depends on the individual whether he/she wants to do right or wrong. Plus, people today are more afraid of the law.

Here's an interesting fact I got from somewhere. I find it kinda surprising. 75% of Americans are Christians.20% of Americans are Atheists (no religion).75% of convicts in America are Christians.0.2% of convicts in America are Atheists (no religion). I'll leave it to you guys to conclude. I find it pretty surprising. Do your own study or conclusion. Ask me in person if you wanna know my comment for the study.
Introducing to ya'll, the new all purpose which I'm currently trying to build, Young Entrepreneurs Club. Well, hopefully I get all the support in the world in building this club. And, I made the logo myself. ;p

When asked "What's wrong?"
I answer "I…