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Anak Malaysia...

Phew, long time since I last blogged and lots of stuff has taken place. Sunday(16/09/07) was Hari Malaysia and I would like to proudly say that I'm an "Anak Malaysia". Made it to the papers and news if you watched coz' of that! Well, basically there were about 100 students from various colleges and universities brought together by the Malaysian Interfaith Network to prepare a route map to improving Malaysia. Later that same day at Times Square, I as their representative presented it to Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon who is currently the Chief Minister of Penang and also the acting Gerakan President. After a really long time, youth have finally been able to speak for the country and I'd say this is an achievement to young Malaysians and not forgetting myself for being representative. :) You can read about it HERE.

Well, while we're at it... I'd like to express my concern about the "Unity Band" as seen on the TV ads. They're literally extremely rare. Plus, people who do have extra ones actually sell em'. Funny huh? They're supposed to be uniting people but more people are making money out of it. Anyways, with connection to the above... here's some of the things we actually discussed and presented in our route map to improving Malaysia.

 On the bright side, this "Unity Band" initiative supports:
  1. Eradicating corruption
  2. Increasing the number of opposition members in the parliament
  3. Compulsory education age till 17 years old/SPM level

I was told that I'd make a good politician by a number of people. When I start speaking about something else, people would say I'd make a good lawyer. Why can't people say you'd make a good entrepreneur/businessman to me? That would honestly make my day! :) Entrepreneurship requires persuasion and communication skills too after all. People reading this, I hope you love Malaysia.

And hopefully, everyone would be able to apply the Golden Rule, "Treat others as you would like to be treated".

Islam - No one of you is a believer until you desire for your neighbour that which you desire for yourself.

Hinduism - This is the essence of morality; Do not do to others which if done to you would cause pain.

Christianity - Whatever that you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. Sikhism - Do as you desire goodness for yourself as you cannot expect tasty fruits if you sow thorny trees.

Judaism - What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbour - that is the basic law, all the rest is commentary.

Baha' I Faith - If your eyes be turned towards justice, choose for your neighbour that which you would choose for yourself.


Bao said…
awesome! i can never do that. speaking so confidently infront of a massive amount of people! and what more, politicians... :/
san said…
yeap i agree with bao.. well a very patriotic/meaningful post i would say =)
Handsome dude on the other side of the com said…
Hey dude.. :D ahaha...awsome looking dere bro..btw i still like ur msn
pic..look more pimp den that durian fella as know.. =) ahahah..btw u
look like prefects in my skwel wearing that green shirt..wif tie.. =.="
lawls..and i tot that unity band pack was a condom pack and ur newpaper
post dere..xD written 88 dead in phuket plane crash..lawls..ahaha..and
stop smoking u fool
Venuga said…
hey ya congrats wei!!n it doesnt matter what ppl say that u will make a great lawyer,politician,stripper,garbage collector...or bla bla onli matters what u think,correction,u know that u will make a good businessman one day!!plus being a businessman does require u to be good at debating and 'acting' as a goood luck with that!!!
n nice unity band..i have one..but mines from mcdonalds..does that count?lols
n u know what..u luk diff in every pic..haha... like writing a karangan ad here..i also posted a new one,so go commnt!it didnt make into d local newspapers like urs but it sure made into mine;)

p/s:the handsome guy on the other side of the computer..r u from bb or sumthing?green uniform..hhehe
Anonymous said…
You'd make a good businessman =)
lee said…
The comment was from me... forgot to put name =P
OPkevin.gessie.johnson said…
hahaha..good work
i was suprised that u joined sumthing patriotic like taht..ko kan dulu one of the rebelious boys.. :D
bt nevermind,jd OP yg berjaye..
best of luck!!

p/s: aku nk claim gak NST penah interview aku in person.hahahahaha
nisha said…
hey hey... sorry bout that bro caling... hahahaha yeah here goes my list...1st- a real damn good writer
2nd- like the pic in the suit but gotta lose the cigarette too me...(no offense but my opinion is it ain't cool to smoke)
3rd- love the patriotism in u to the country.....
4rd- u make a fine businessman n keep up the classy work... would love to read more on ur stuff.... ciou ;)
Hacker 0306 said…
wooHoo! -ko masuK newspaper! wEE! biler ko nak photostat+letak dlm frame+ send by hand kat aku? huhua aku nak sangkut dlm wardrobe! kehkeh!
lylz said…
Hah my uber famous friend..Hows fame treating youh? Got yourself some groupies yet? ^^
Hah rosh =)) youh know youh can write but i write BETTER =P
youh know youh rawk but i rawk HARDER youh know your awesome but im AWESOMER =P
stay SOBER !!
crystal said…
ayte kaptern alwayz been proud of u muh sifu.. bowing" clappin" whistlin" it,im doin it..nehe
melody said…
Thats cool =D ur in a newspaperrr!!! yupp. go malaysia!! HEHE
ash said…
well done, rosh.. i do not say this to a lot of people... but I'm proud of you.. oh by the way, thanks for being such a great friend.. i owe you big time, buddy!! take care
p.s. we should hang out more
p.p.s bye
Carmen said…
You would make a good businessman. =)
Eikhaa said…
hey Rosh. (: eyh really? I thought you knew? well this is my second acc actually, I forgot the pass for my old acc and I think it has been deleted. :| anyways, how did you find my blog? or did I comment you? either one, tak kesa laa. hehe.

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