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Alright, now there's a good start to a post. My personal caption for it would be CSI : Subang. Hahahahaha. It's really random how we all met actually. Ash (the person on my left) stays in MyPlace, the apartments behind AsiaCafe. One day, I hanged out at AC. Then, I called her to come there coz' i wanted to see her. She came then we went to her apartments. And yeah, I met Sabrina, Raeeda and Fang. And the black car you see in the pic is mine. It's a totally awesome car. Speaking about cars, I would like to recommend everyone reading this to get a manual transmission car coz' :
  1. Manual cars can provide awesome pick up
  2. You can save fuel if you know how to use the gears wisely
  3. Easier to overtake and race coz' dropping the gear will help
  4. Emergency braking can be done by clutch braking while dropping the gear
  5. You can do tire spins as well as drift with a manual transmission
Another plus factor would be that you could drive any other car if you use a manual one. Trust me, it's way better than automatic transmission. =) However, I'd like everyone reading this to not drink and drive. I repeat,
It's totally not good for your life and your wallet too really. I was involved in 3 particular ones last month (Nov 2007) alone. The 1st one was mine. Cost me 2 weeks without my car and RM200. 2nd one, was the worst. A friends car, cost him 2 days without his car and RM1750. Third one, was another friends car. Cost her about RM600. The ads you watch on TV, hear on the radio and read on this blog is true. So, don't do it... unless you want your car to end up like the car in the pic below. You could lose your life. That's me and Syarifah at my college's Annual Dinner 2007. The theme was "Retro Nite". I know I don't look all that Retro, but I had all the Retro attitude that night to get me through it. :)


emma said...

car is for me to go to one place from another.. not for me to drift.. so i think auto suits me most.. haha... =p
retro nite.. i miss that.. so bad..

san said...

glad to see that u enjoy drivin around in ur new car eh? nice picture u've got there roshann and all of ur posts are usually very educative.. haha or at least useful.. haha well i wish u all the best in ur exams and maybe after ur exam we could hang around huh...

Anonymous said...

Cool pics =)

Venuga said...

haha yeah nice shirt...im guessing yash got it for ya??lols...btw im an almighty now..haha

so yeah..dont drink and drive..thats so true..i wrote a bout too..after a pic i took in pd...
so now u gotta return the favor:)
neways goo dluck for exams!!

Yuvha said...

hey, firstly i love driving manual car cos i rock at it TOTALLY =D.

And yeah by the way, your post is awesome. Really eye opening as not many people know the true consequences of actually drinking n driving. Oh yes, we have tonnes of advertisements but its only after like seeing it real then it might sink into them that it actually poses a threat to their life.

Eikhaa said...

oh yeah I definitely wont drink and drive. (:

Fang said...

Haha..yea,random.U met us & we met u..again..& again..& again..& again..appearing @ d door. Fun times thou.Lol~ And i remember ur 'driting' stunt @ d sunway carpark..*heart attack*

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