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Stop and stare.

Well, I was at Bar Celona last week. Was pretty awesome. Ex primary and one year high school mates asked me to come, and I went. People change and stay the same. =)
Spot me in the picture.
And yeah, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I know it might be a little too late, but still... it's better late than never. Alright, and Happy Valentine's Day too!
I guess there are people who don't really "celebrate" or enjoy Valentine's. I don't really get it really. Yeah, Valentine's can be any other day. I've heard remarks like, "What's so great about Valentine's?" and "It's just a normal day like any other day". Well, suggestion is... do not ever repeat those phrases again. It really makes you sound like saying, "I'll just spend Valentine's like every other boring day of my boring life". Maybe, its just me... But, it's ME if you get what I mean. Perhaps, singles might be saying... "But, I don't h…