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Support Local Ones

I went to the BMW Sauber road show that was going on in KLCC. It was pretty much okay, however I really find it weird to have to purchase RM200 worth of merchandise for 3 laps on the F1 simulator. Haizzz, they make everything marketable I suppose. Here's the BMW Sauber's new ride. =)

Last season (2007), they finished 2nd place. Not bad huh? ;p And, both of the cars from the team finished in the top 10 today (2nd and 6th) in the Sepang F1 Circuit.
Since November 2005, both BRP-Rotax & Petronas have jointly designed the Rotax 4-TEC 1200, a high performance and high revving four stroke inline 3 engines for snowmobile and personal watercraft applications. Here's the Ski-Doo MXZ. Whoever said, we Malaysians' aren't prepared for snow sure is proven wrong. Personally, I find it really weird though for Petronas to be investing in snowmobile. =.="
This next one's called the Can Am Spider. This investment by Petronas is way much more understandable compared to the …

Turn Back The Clock

The Dawn Chorus
You're awake now
Devil-may-care you may seem
Lackadaisical you may be
Still it's venez m'aider that your acquiesce heart shrieks

Abashed with your body
You seek a mirror in clandestine
Trying your best to decipher your dreams
Finally, it's still gonna be deus ex machina for you

Unexpectedly, you remember the time you tried to jilt
You lied through your teeth about your feelings
The crux was a contingency to your lover
Causing unnecessary confutes which were contemptible in fact

The blitzkrieg was an obvious failure
Carte blanche wasn't what you truly desired
Because chastity was everything to you before
Or would you deplore it instead today

Maudlin isn't a form of cuss at all
Now all that's left is regret of the coup de grace dealt
Your ardour has always beaten your animus
It has and always will do it ad infinitum

Today you're gonna be a better person
Your adroit and affable self will help you
With alacrity you demolish your acrimony
Then realise your heart is …

Life Is A 4 Letter Word

Ahhh.... Life, the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence. Beautiful yet confusing. A good life is a main argument. And with a lil' research, I've compiled a few ways people define life in general:
Career - Studying your ass off, getting good grades, later a good job at a good company with a good paycheck, getting married, having kids and finally dying. Perhaps this is the most famous way of defining life. I find it really pretty "interesting". And the best part of this life, is that you're constantly in an unstable battle to reach financial stability. It's really a struggle most part, but I suppose that's the beauty of it. Life is difficult after all.Money - I suppose this one's really pretty popular in today's world. This one's really confusing though as there really is like two ways people look at it. Some will be like, money is everything in today's world, whereas others say money can't buy you everyth…

I sleep better with Chipster.

Hey everybody. Chipster is the new hottest thing. It literally burns =) And yeah, thats me in the picture. I'm kinda in my PJ's on my comfy bed. And yeah, I realized that it doesn't look like what most people would wear to sleep. It's like I'm heading for a battlefield instead of dreamland. Haha, well Chipster helps me get there. :D

Since I'm already talking about dreamland, I suppose I could help ya'll get better sleep every night with these tips. I have personally tried them all. It really works.
Eat Chipster as it's fiery hot taste will leave sleeping betterMaintain a sleeping schedule as it creates a mindsetDon't eat or drink heavily before sleepDo not nap during the dayAvoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine in the eveningsExercise regularlyUse a comfortable bed and pillowTake six deep breathsFeel your achesAssure yourself you'll wake up on timeThink of a hammock You'll definitely have better sleep if you practice em'. Tell me if you ha…