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Life Is A 4 Letter Word

Ahhh.... Life, the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence. Beautiful yet confusing. A good life is a main argument. And with a lil' research, I've compiled a few ways people define life in general:
  1. Career - Studying your ass off, getting good grades, later a good job at a good company with a good paycheck, getting married, having kids and finally dying. Perhaps this is the most famous way of defining life. I find it really pretty "interesting". And the best part of this life, is that you're constantly in an unstable battle to reach financial stability. It's really a struggle most part, but I suppose that's the beauty of it. Life is difficult after all.
  2. Money - I suppose this one's really pretty popular in today's world. This one's really confusing though as there really is like two ways people look at it. Some will be like, money is everything in today's world, whereas others say money can't buy you everything. Then, comes the popular belief that money is the root of all evil. Perhaps buying feelings and emotions would be fun too. And yeah, life's supposed to be easy with money. A lil' contradictory to the "career" definition of life.
  3. Happiness - Then comes the really sweet definition of life, its about being happy and spreading the joy. Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy. It's pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness. Poverty and wealth have both failed. Life's supposed to be more about freedom here. This one's pretty weird though, coz' usually the one's spreading the joy are more like candles to the society. Someone has to struggle for happiness. But struggle isn't all that happy now, is it?
  4. Sex - Yeah, there are people around who define sex as the best thing in the world. Therefore, it is automatically taken for them that sex is life. Having animal sex with a sexually intimate partner or partners really defines life to some. This actually relates to the "money" definition as most of them use it to increase their sex appeal. However, this definition really spoils lives of a few unfortunate. One word, rapists.
  5. After life - Fighting others in order to prove that their theory of living and dying is the truth really has caused quite a big portion of damage to the world. Perhaps I really don't get this process of living. Living to prepare for death. I find it really confusing as it really takes a lot of faith and patience. Still, it's a definition of life to some and yeah, I understand that it might be a lot discretionary. And I would be really happy if someone could really explain to me this definition of life to me.
Lemme guess, now you want it all. Well, then life's gonna be hard, easy, sad, happy, wild and peaceful? I wouldn't mind having em' all really. My personal opinion is life's about balance. You could go ahead and embrace life or let it hit you. Or you could do both. Or you could live in the moment. And yeah, here's something you could try for starters:
  • Impact - Smile at someone today, talk to someone. Motivate that person, leave a memory, be creative. Giving a big speech about world peace isn't really gonna put a stop to hatred. Why don't you try getting one person at a time. Happiness shared is double happiness, and sorrow shared is half a sorrow. You really have everything to gain with little to lose.
  • Don't hold back - Give everything you're doing you're all. Put everything you have in doing whatever you're doing currently. In a more business approach, this would mean be efficient. Successful leaders have the courage to take action where others hesitate. Lose yourself in the moment.
  • Never trade your passion for glory - If you're doing something, do it if you want to do it. Even in competition, fight against yourself. Fighting against yourself brings improvement which is much more valuable than victory. Beat yourself every time you do something. You are your biggest opponent.
  • Love it - Savour the moment. Remember the rush, ecstasy, feelings and thoughts that came into your mind during the moment. Chances are you felt something, but your mind was blank. And that "blank"-ness that you've experienced, is something you'd really want more often. That, is the moment. It may seem stupid or irrational, but you will know if you've done it.
Go on, embrace life. Caution though, life will hit you to your knees and leave you there permanently if you let it. And it ain't how hard you can hit that matters, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Life's your story, you choose the contents.

Inspired by events between 6-7 March 2008 and the people involved in em'.


fy. said…
nice post! one question! haha. whats the connection betweek ur post with that 1st picture of fried chicken?? (i think its friend chicken) hehe.
Roshann said…
haha, well im gonna try relating. we need food to live. so the chicken resembles,,,, i dunno la
Omi said…

yur better than me at wat i am good at...

now that was a good post!!
xoxox---still jealous---xoxox
Myself said…
You forgot one really important one!!

Live to eat and eat to live~~~

Well, all in all, a well-written, deeply-researched post. As people say, life is like a piece of blank paper, and your every action leaves a mark on that paper. Thus, it is up to you yourself to colour the paper; draw the pictures =)
Anonymous said…
You have a great post here!! Keep it up and I really like that song =) You have the potential there =)
Yasshh! said…
Awesome post! Keep it up -_-
your post got me all hooked up to reading all your other post!!
gahhh addictive man your blog! =)
well keep up the good work
Rach said…
very deep, you sound like a self-help author or sth. LOL.

Anonymous said…
I am one of those who define sex as the best thing in the world. u wouldnt really call it a thing. its a feeling.
Haridass said…
u worked so hard for this..
u really deserve respect from others.XD
Venuga said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Venuga said…
i guess all those books you bought and read are put into good use,nice post:)
plus,nice song.
asamjawa said…
Heya. Very interesting post. I agree wit u. Life is balance, and we gotta live the moment. NO point worrying about the future or regretting the past. good entry!
haha..good work la ass..inspired btw the events of 6th and 7th?!ahemz2..
Gun zzz said…
Aik,nice blog..^.^
Anonymous said…
heyy..nice color..its reli nice.....n stylish......
Su Ann said…
OMG is that the chipster ticket thingy to the nuffnang pj party thingy? :)
basically i think the whole after life idea is bullcrap.. lol im one of those ppl who DON'T believe in hell or heaven or whatever.. i think we jz decompose and rot and go bk into the earth.. im such a cynic.
live for the moment :D
Sakun said…
hey, roshann, nice post! You know, i REALLY LOVE THIS LAST BIT! :

Go on, embrace life. Caution though, life will hit you to your knees and leave you there permanently if you let it. And it ain't how hard you can hit that matters, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Life's your story, you choose the contents.

One of the best blog post i have read. Love the authenticity and the fresh idea. Keep it up bro. Btw, to my believe, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil not just money by itself. Good one buddy. Great job.

Cheers! =)

P/s:This is very well said - "life will hit you to your knees and leave you there permanently if you let it. And it ain't how hard you can hit that matters, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Life's your story, you choose the contents."
Bao said…
well money isn't exactly the root of evil, greed should always be the root of evil. that's what i thought, haha.

and, well, people usually make me happy. things that they say or do unintentionally usually. but then again, you don't expect that everytime. so life should always be balanced. there's always good and bad in most of the things that we do. life's been led like that since forever.

all in all, nice post. kept me thinking really. :)
emma said…
"life's ur story, you choose the contents." -by Roshann

it's very true.. n i agree with u.. so what's the contents of ur life?? ahhaa... =p
Yuvha said…
Ohmygod, now i should start reading too hahah.

I truly love your post.

and currently i can't think soo ill come and comment later!

F@ng said…
Real awesome post rosh=)Thou I dun get why d pic of d fried chicken gotta be there.Merely for illustration purpose?=p
Anyways,if L.I.F.E don't work out d way u wanted it to,there are always two means of refuge you can succumb to from the miseries of life.Two words:Music & Cats.*wink*
Keep me updatin'!=)
~ra said…
hey ur post (life is a...) is actualy humongously great...i didnt think i'd read it all over again-but i did,more than once actualy..!it really gets your mind so does NOT sound like de crazy u i c most of the time...but it still is de great u...hehe
Anonymous said…
Well, u just summed up the life from different point of views.

However, the main thing is that you still dont understand the thing taht is most important, life after death.

Look at the nature, what happens between the four seasons. Land gets barren and grows again.
Similar thing happens with people, people pass on their values generation to generation.

Since this generation started from Adam and Eve, ther must be an end, a purpose to this.....!

I know the purpose, wish all people in the world knew it!
ana said…
lol deeeeeep bt i already live all the kinds of lives except for the great sex mhaha!

pfft i hate the fact tht you're outta school and have time for all this ._."
Anonymous said…
Very nice post =) I think your definition of life really does sum it up =)

Dee said…
*thumbs up* =)

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