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The Dawn Chorus

You're awake now
Devil-may-care you may seem
Lackadaisical you may be
Still it's
venez m'aider that your acquiesce heart shrieks

Abashed with your body
You seek a mirror in
Trying your best to decipher your dreams
Finally, it's still gonna be
deus ex machina for you

Unexpectedly, you remember the time you tried to
lied through your teeth about your feelings
The crux was a
contingency to your lover
Causing unnecessary confutes which were
contemptible in fact

blitzkrieg was an obvious failure
Carte blanche wasn't what you truly desired
chastity was everything to you before
Or would you deplore it instead today

Maudlin isn't a form of cuss at all
Now all that's left is regret of the
coup de grace dealt
ardour has always beaten your animus
It has and always will do it
ad infinitum

Today you're gonna be a better person
adroit and affable self will help you
alacrity you demolish your acrimony
Then realise your heart is wide open today

Your memories will carry on no matter what
Someone might witness happiness as you've truly awakened

Au revoir your heart waves to those mistakes you made
Till it's finally able to listen to
the dawn chorus

P/s: Consider using a dictionary or any other method possible to figure out the meanings of the words & phrases. Pretty much helpful as they're all valid English words. And no, I don't do these poem things. This is the only one I've ever done. You give me something.

Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.


Myself said...

It's a great post/poem
A lot of hard work put in; evident from the spectacular use of words and/or phrases...

While I think that there is not a clear guideline or rules in writing a poem, try not to go overboard with using too many bombastic words. Well, it is crucial to make the poem look interesting and all, but don't get overboard with it...

Sometimes, the message is even more powerful when you Keep It Short and Simple.

However, this is just my earnest response to it. Might or might not reflect the truth. Overall, a job well done

''PLaTiNuMLoVeR'' said...

weyh..bangga aku sial!!

Anonymous said...

dude,u ve got wat it takes to leave an impact on the world around you.. choose ur path wisely. stay away from swaying roads. i trust n believe with the right path, u will succeed in life.. i mean wat i say - youre a young man with a great mind-..


Anonymous said...

I would consider this as something great from you. It's obvious that you have put much effort in the poem. It could be better if you have included simplicity in our poem. Not too much on those bombastic words will make your poem a better one :)It's a great poem though. Well done, Roshann!

sakun said...


Omi said...

... WOW... i am just... MEsmerized...

Venuga said...

here's a confession.i need a friggin international dictionary.tahniah atas fikiran yang kritis dan kreatif.guess u achived kbkk?i shud stop crappin now.good work.


Chyna said...

This is amazing!! haha yes I do need a dictionary. Great work!

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