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Hey there. I attended the Unity Concert, and I suppose a review about the night would be alright. Yeah, I do support local bands and Klang.

First up, a pre-concert snap. Thats me and my homies. They say "a picture means a thousand words". With this one, I could give ya' a million. For starters, hows "Americans, Canadians and OCP"? =)

Next up, the bouncers, Nash, Zebo, Bobo and Fitri(Old Putera Alpha 02'). Literally, they're people employed to expel disorderly persons from a public place. I perhaps learned a thing that night. A smile and empathy can really do miracles. In life, we tend to treat and get treated like objects at times. Try giving the phrase a thought. Sometimes, we get in I - It conversations. Suggestion : Have more I - You conversations, and you'll be amazed by how amazing people can really be. Everyone has a story, sometimes you just have to stop and listen... and you might learn a lot. =)
That's Balan from the KLG Sqwad. The night was made possible by them. Kudos to em'. The system was never equal nor fair. Minors wouldn't understand. A courageous effort was made.

P-dancing on stage came next. There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.

Sasi's singing Anbe (My Love), Kavin's with me at the back. We were "discussing" at the time. Confrontation, is a unique word really. It's violent and yet peaceful at times.
R: They're spoiling the place. Wanna end it?
M: You got a problem with me issit?
D: No. I got problem with them. *points at K & R*
M: Wait, I'll bring em' here. Sort it out.
K: What now?
D: Nothing.
M: Can you all lower your fxxxing volumes? I'm trying to eat here.
D: Sorry.

Being drunk doesn't give you the privilege to act as you like and get away with it.
Drink responsibly, or don't do it at all.

The Roshs'. Roshann and Roshan, K-Town Clan. Come get some.

STD comes next. I meant Sasi the Don. The acronym sounds really weird. Haha =)

When a man receives the direct gaze of a woman he finds attractive, his brain activates a dopamine circuit that delivers a dollop of pleasure. Simply looking at beautiful women, or making eye contact with someone not perceived as attractive, fails to stir this circuitry.
Roshann out.

P/s: Credits to my sister, Yashinni for the photographs.


Anonymous said...

great post.
keep it up man!

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SirNeN said...

sadly i didnt get to go =( damn! but i hear there'll be unity 2, no?


Omi said...

omg... sasi the don... wow... he awesome...
dont u evr stay at home???
la bella mafeeya!!
i noe them!!
and congratz on the ads...
ur gettin better by the moment i guess...

sabrina said...

Are you from Klang or do you just support Klang?
Either way, well done!


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