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That's LA2D, "Let's Agree To Disagree". It's a show which will soon air on TV2. And yeah, I'm one of the "artists" which will star in the show. Why I used the word "artist"? I don't really know either, it states "artist" on my appointment letter.

Well, during the shootings, I actually learnt quite a lot. Firstly, it would be that pink is actually not that bad. It's awesome really. I also learnt to listen to others opinions and also accept them when they're found worthy. I've managed to refute, dispute and disagree more effectively. Not forgetting, I've also learnt to agree to disagree. =)

We are face to face here with the sometimes confusing role of paradox in our lives. An example is the well-known advice to "be careful what you wish for". The longing and loves of our youth, so ardently pursued, often lead us toward some combination of amusement and regret in our later lives. Where is that girl we so desired in high school? Even if we are married to her, the person we fell in love with is a memory, as are, all too often, the feelings she inspired. The things we are sure will make us happy seldom do. Fate it seems, has a sense of humour.

The list of paradoxes is endless: the relentless pursuit of pleasure brings pain, the greatest risk is not taking any. My personal favorite is the truth that everything in life is a good news/bad news story. The long sought promotion brings more money and more headaches. Our dream vacation puts us in debt. Experience has taught us well, but now we are too old to use the knowledge.

Consider answering this question. What are you saving your life for? If you can't seem to answer it, here are some ideas that might trigger your mind into coming up with better suggestions to spend your life a lil':
  1. Contact sports (rugby, boxing, wrestling)
  2. Backpacking around Europe
  3. Military service
  4. Driving to Russia
I suppose you have a rough idea of what I mean now. After all, life is a gamble in which we don't get to deal the cards, but are nevertheless obliged to play them to the best of our ability.



Anonymous said...

for some reason, that just made a lot of sense.

Naomi said...

whoa. the heavy-ness.

Eikha Olyphant said...

Your a star now! Congratulations, hehe.

Johnny Ong said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Venuga said...

OOOO PINK ROCKS I KNOW.WHEN DOES THIS THING AIR ANYWAY?:p...woould like to knw wats it about:)

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