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Dear Potential CEO,

School. A perfect place to train candidates of the most efficient employees. Then comes the million dollar question, where do these people work without employers? There is no specific subject being taught in any school around the globe on being a successful employer. Therefore, the subject that should be learned is financial education.

Financial education is a subject where someone should learn to make things work the opposite way. Employees work for money and employers don't. Employers make money work for them. This is a form of education which has outrageous demands which result in either an oblivious failure or a magnificent success story. Here, I shall divide the matter to four scopes: investment, understanding the market, accounting & law. To be a successful employee, one must know everything about something. Example given, a doctor who specializes in a particular area earns a considerably higher amount of money & reputation than a normal doctor. On the other hand, an employer has to know something about everything. His/her scope has to be limitless to accomplish so.

The art of investing money is the key to making money work for you. It is like science that has formulas which you apply but not necessarily have to memorize. The crux is learning how to make formulas which particularly involves a lot of brain-storming or in a simpler term, thinking. Nevertheless, creativity is the most vital factor in investing. Take note that even in investing, there is something that works like gravity : inflation. Take precaution, think creatively and win.

Before you can actually master the art of investment, you shall have to be able to understand the market. This is the renowned process of supply & demand. The market is like a person with feelings. It's all about emotions, which frequently doesn't comply with logic. Mastering these emotions will take thorough research & understanding. The deeper you get into these emotions, the easier it gets. Pokémon cards used to be the "in" thing during my childhood days. Almost every Tom, Dick & Harry had them. Then suddenly, everyone stops and the cards becomes very much dead. There was a tipping point. Therefore, the flow has to be followed and understood so changes can be made.

Next up, understanding financial statements. The one & only way is through accounting. Advanced accounts has to be mastered to fully understand documents & importantly, financial statements. By using the financial statement, one will know whether the investment has potential to succeed or fail which most probably goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. Accounting plays an important role in eradicating fraud too. Anyone could lie, so you'll have to get smart & see through them. In these lies, the genuine truth is hidden.

Lastly, one should learn to utilize the law. The law is supposedly a punishment to the rich, but in practice it really isn't. Taxes are paid by everyone. Employees work, get paid, pay their taxes then spend their money. Employers get paid, spend and pay their taxes with their leftovers by utilizing personal corporations. Almost anything can be accomplished at the tip of your fingers if you understand the law. Use it & never let it outdo you.

If all of these are learned in school, one would definitely be on the road of being a successful employer. Unfortunately, it isn't. So, it's your call. A persistent person believes in destiny, a capricious one in chance.

Happy Diwali :)


Anonymous said...

nice work done.
very well researched stuff.

sakun said...

hey! looks like ur dng good with life! :) im really happy for u... been ages since we chatted innit.. hahah... anyway, tc of urself... n have fun! :)

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