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Life Is A 4 Letter Word

Ahhh... Life, the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence. Beautiful yet confusing. A good life is the ma...

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Hi there. I was recently given the opportunity to share 5 chapters of my story of life. Proceeded to write the below article.

1. Chance & Choice

Things always happen either by chance or by choice. It is by chance that you are born of a certain race, religion, skin colour and social class. Some get lucky in the genetic lottery, some do not. Tough luck, but you can make choices in your life to make things happen. Take a chance, be bold in your choices and may lady luck be in your favour.

2. Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

If you have principles, never break them for anyone - not even everyone at all at once. Stand by your beliefs, show strength and warmth - you will be admired. This doesn't mean being ignorant - always take advice when given, but think for yourself. It's your life.

3. Ambition, Hardwork, Destiny

A simple framework to achieving in life. Ambition is literally your mind in action, you could set a goal of achieving anything you want at this very moment - it's simple as that. Hardwork, your body in action, is the crux to achievement after you know what you want. Keep at what you're doing and realise that the sweat and blood are key to reaping your destiny - achieving the goal you had set out for. Hoping to strike the lottery without buying the ticket is plain obnoxious - so work hard on getting your ticket.

4. Life Is A 4 Letter Word

Life is difficult. Everyone has their own skeletons in their closets, so don't beat yourself up too hard. WYSIATI - What You See Is All There Is. Whatever you know about a person is limited to your knowledge of the said person - only what you've seen or heard, not their entire lives. Remember that everyone has a story, sometimes you gotta just listen.

5. Life Implies Death or Death Implies Life

The very fact that there is life implies that there is death. If you are smart, then that implies there is someone who is not smart - how can you be smart if there aren't anyone ignorant around. Black implies white. Self implies other. Life implies death - or shall I say, death implies life - so live life to the fullest! Better to have a short life doing things you like doing, then a long one doing things you don't like doing in order to keep on living, which is to continue to do things you don't like doing - which is stupid. Life is short, make fun of it.

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