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Have you tried meditating to control your inner voice

Ask it to shut up and just focus on shutting it up by breathing!

Do not stop focusing your inner eye (closing your eyes) at the point of breath (nose, stomach or chest depending on preference), and just do that.

Your mind will screw you to say this is all bullshit, but the US Army has funded research into meditating... there is something to be found and you have to find it!

Imagine your mind as Youtube, and watch your thoughts... Just like you would skip a Youtube video if it's crap... or probably watch it to the end. That's what you want your inner self to be able to command, listen to it... And ask it to shut up! In all parts of your life (being mindful) and just live like when you were a child (you are just experiencing life from birth and don't know life at all - so you're attentive to your surroundings and just listen without even debating the thought in your mind - mindfulness). Just like Youtube, you have to find the reliable voice which you can trust... Not the first YouTube video you see in the recommendation section - your mind has spam too, which you mistaken as intuition. You have to find the right video or make one from scratch in your mind.

Whenever you feel Youtube happening (random thoughts and emotions - that's your ego), control it by meditating only by always paying attention to your breath. The point is the next breath, so if your mind wanders, remember to refocus on the breath. This will happen and you have to exercise your "letting go" muscle by forcing yourself (true self, inner eye, Athman) to do it for only 10 minutes.

I dare you to face yourself for 10 minutes (use a timer... don't open your eyes, just breathe). Only when you hear the timer ring, you open your eyes.

Our great ancestors in the African Savannah used to face lions/bears/sharks/bulls on a daily basis, hence cortisol otherwise known as the "fight-or-flight" hormone was important for survival.

Today, we deal with humans on a day-to-day basis, not wild animals... hence, cortisol doesn't really help.

P.s. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

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